The people of Perth are in for a treat! Chameleon Tents is home to unique Custom Event Tents and with a difference. No two events are the same, and the Chameleon Tents team understands this. That’s why we take pride in providing Perth with tailored solutions they would naturally choose.

Perhaps your backyard has a very distinct layout, or you’re hosting a special occasion at a unique event on a boat. Perhaps you’re planning a corporate function, product launch, birthday, bridal shower…the list goes on.

More often than not, traditional marquees simply won’t do the trick. Not only are our Custom Event Tents more affordable than most, they’re also much faster (not to mention easier) to set up. Traditional tents would slash 8 hours out of your busy schedule. Our tents? A mere 2.0 hours.

Chameleon Stretch Tents are more versatile, flexible and durable – offering unrivaled protection against the harsh Western Australian elements. Come rain or shine, sunshine or moonlight, Chameleon Tents are designed to do their job flawlessly, so you can focus on what matters: Keeping your special guests smiling and loving your Custom Event.

Hosting a special event is stressful enough as it is. Once the stretch tent is sorted, everything else will fall into place. Our stretch tents are specially imported from South Africa – known for its hot climates. These Custom Event Tents provide protection you can always rely on, from the smallest of crowds to the largest.

To find out more or to book your durable, sturdy stretch tent for your next custom event, get in touch today.


10.5m x 7.5m hire and install – Mocha


12m x 10.5m hire and install – White


15m x 10.5m hire and install – Mocha


15m x 10.5m hire and install – Blue


21m x 15m hire and install – Mocha


31.5m x 15m  hire and install – Mocha



Yes, within reason. Chameleon Stretch Tents can be erected on a beach, on a field and even on sloping ground. We are happy to visit your planned site to inspect as part of the quote process.

Yes. Chameleon Stretch Tents can absolutely withstand rain as the external fabric is coated with the latest coating technology to repel water keeping your guests dry and well accommodated.

The versatile nature of our stretch tents is a unique point of difference. Quick assembly is part and parcel of service and we are accustomed to meeting tight deadlines and can follow through open doing so with our quick install stretch tents which in many cases can be put up as quickly as 2.0 hrs.

Absolutely. Each Stretch Tent comes with it own engineering and design certification. A copy of this certification can be obtained on request.