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A chameleon changes its colour to suit its surroundings, in the same way Chameleon Stretch Tents can adapt to your unique event, wherever you need it. We enjoy a challenge, so whether you are getting married on the beach, serving drinks on a tennis court or providing cover in a car park, we’ve done it. Our team can have you set up in as little as 2 hours, giving you time to put the drinks on ice, line up the tunes and perfect the flower arrangements.


The elegance of a stretch tent is perfectly suited to weddings; stylish, adaptable and hassle free.


Impress with the wow factor- stretch tents’ modern and funky design are ideal for the hippest of festivals.


Suitable for barn dances, shin digs, discos or garden parties, stretch tents will have you covered.

What We Do?

From Small to Large Scale Festivals, Chameleon Is Well Equipped And Highly Experienced In Setting Up Your Festival Tent Requirements. From Small Tents, to VIP Marquees and Large Capacity Tents, We Have You Covered.
With the versatility, flexibility and reliability of our stretch tent installations we can react to the demands of deadlines and speed of delivery and erection. Our stretch tents are ideal for creative theming and lighting acting as a blank canvas for your event.
Special Events Can Be Held On A Boat, At A Racecourse, Outside the Convention Centre or In Your Backyard. Whatever Your Ideal Venue Is, We Have the Most Versatile & Flexible Tents Perth has to offer.
Weddings Are Incredibly Stressful to Plan. We Help Reduce This Stress By Providing Excellent Tents That Are Stylish, Durable, And Protective. Your Guests Will be Amazed at the Elegance of the Tents For Your Special Day.
We provide small, medium and large sized stretch tents to Wineries across WA. With our versatile and quick setup, Chameleon provides an easily solution to the Western Australian elements to afford your guests complete comfort.
Sometimes Your Event is Not Conventional. It's How You Want It, On Your Terms. Wherever you can imagine hosting your event from a boat to a stepped back yard, we have the versatile tent solutions to help accomodate your guests.

Meet Perth's Stretch Tent experts

Our stretch tents are the biggest and most versatile in all of Perth. Unlike traditional stretch tents, they do not need a flat surface to be erected on, any surface from steps to a hill to an uneven backyard can host our stretch tents. With installation faster due to our unique versatile design, Chameleon can solve your event solutions with quality stretch tents that will provide protection from the elements and help make the most amazing event.

chameleon Stretch tent Hire features:
Flexible Service

Traditional Tent Companies in Perth can be time consuming with a typical time expectation of up to 8 hours. Hiring Chameleon Tents cuts this down to a little as 2.0 hrs for your event stretch tent to be erected. Further, we can install the tent on any surface even or not making the choice to hire Chameleon an easy one.

Trusted Expert Install

When you decide to hire Chameleon, you are choosing reliability, integrity and quality service - delivered FAST. Your special event must run smoothly and with Chameleon having a tent installed is a stress free and easy process. We have covered multiple weddings, parties, winery events, custom events and small to large scale music festivals.

Perth's Most Flexible & Versatile Stretch Tents

And We can put them up as quickly as 2.0 hrs!

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