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Chameleon Stretch Tent Hire Perth

A chameleon changes its colour to suit its surroundings, in the same way Chameleon Stretch Tents can adapt to your unique event, wherever you need it. We enjoy a challenge, so whether you are getting married on the beach, serving drinks on a tennis court or providing cover in a car park, we’ve done it. Our team can have you set up in as little as 2 hours, giving you time to put the drinks on ice, line up the tunes and perfect the flower arrangements.


The elegance of a stretch tent is perfectly suited to weddings; stylish, adaptable and hassle free.


Impress with the wow factor- stretch tents’ modern and funky design are ideal for the hippest of festivals.


Suitable for barn dances, shin digs, discos or garden parties, stretch tents will have you covered.

Special Events

No two events are the same and just like the clever little lizard, Chameleon Stretch Tents adapt their tents to the environment.

Custom Events

Perhaps you’re planning a corporate function, product launch, birthday, bridal shower…the list goes on.


Planning a winery event can be stressful to go through. Fortunately, hiring Chameleon Stretch Tents makes this task simple.